Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's your excuse? Poll results

So once again the polls are in and the results are divided up as follows:

Unsurprisingly Otter was the go to excuse, I don't know how many times I've called in late for work with that very response - and really, who is going to question it?  I'm sure most people can relate.  21% of you responded with the old 'no limbs' excuse which leads to the question of how you managed to vote in the first place.  Some kind of Stephen Hawking computer I would guess.  Stunningly, in second place is 'Dog on fire'.  You people really need to take better care of your pets, or at least keep them away from open flame.  Those things light up like gasoline.
I'll be back again tomorrow with a brand new poll.  Don't act like you aren't excited.


  1. this is one of my more favorite blog posts from you :)

  2. Ring ring ring ring ring.. Banana phone...

  3. Oh man, I was laughing so hard at this. Keep it up.

  4. God damnit, missed the poll too.

  5. Cool post man!:D
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

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    i like your post!
    supportin & follow you ;)

  7. of course, the one that makes sense is last