Monday, October 4, 2010

Fruit Leprechaun part 2

If you happen to find an Orange, or other Fruit, and are in the midst of dismantling it and scattering it's pieces in separate graves so that it doesn't regenerate, you may come across what some call "Seeds".  These are in fact, Fruit Leprechaun eggs.  If Fruit is left to ripen, or 'go bad', these eggs will hatch, spawning tiny Fruit Leprechauns.  These mischievous gnomes may look cute, but they are actually quite dangerous.  Much like the Gremlins in the movie "Meet Dave", they will cause untold havoc - the raiding of your fridge, chewing through electric wire, murder, and general untidiness.  They are hard to catch because they are covered in a generous layer of slippery amniotic fluid and their nipples shoot acidic pus, stored in their kneecaps.  Your best bet as always is just to make sure no Fruit enters your household, or keep a Fruit Bat as added protection.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fruit Leprechaun

Hey, here's a mostly done sketch that I whipped up for you guys, tell me what you think.  I may or may not complete it tomorrow along with a quick informational on the mysterious Fruit Leprechauns.