Thursday, September 2, 2010

There is a very scary new fad emerging among our children that has found it's way into our schools, and even maybe your own home. A new Fruit, disguised as harmless candy is quickly becoming an epidemic - it's called Raisins.

And the truly terrifying thing about this? You can get them right at your local grocery store. 

Most parents these days are educated enough with the War on Fruit to teach their chilidren to recognize it and 'just say no', but pushers have come up with a new method of disguising it and I've uncovered their process.

The dealer, and a couple of his friends will walk into a supermarket and head straight to the Fruit section(why this even exists is beyond me, and proof in itself of a conspiracy) and load up their cart with Grapes. After this, they'll head home and soak them in the bathtub for 48 hours. You know when you've been in the water too long, and your toes and fingers get all wrinkly? It's the same process. The finished product is a small, sweet, and highly toxic drug and is pictured below.
Now all they have to do it peddle it - on the playgrounds, the schoolyard or even right on school property. Because of the size and longevity that the process endows on the Grapes, it can be hidden virtually anywhere for any length of time. Your kids might be taking them in class, or even right under your nose without anyone being aware.

This is bad enough as it is, but I have also been told of a particular brand called 'Glossettes' in which they completely cover the Raisins in a chocolate-like substance to further camouflage the Fruit. Children take this, thinking it is mearly a candy treat from a friend and minutes later must be rushed to the hospital.

Take the time to talk to your kids about Raisins and other Fruit, and ask your local school board or municipality representive what they are doing to stop this despicable practise.


  1. As soon as I heard the news i pulled my two kids right out of school. Until the school boards have this issue under control my children will be home schooled, safe and away from such vile substances as raisins.

  2. damn raisins will turn our young people into a bunch of lifeless degenerates

  3. aint nuttin but a g thang

    Check it